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Boss Logics - Office Design

At Boss Logics, their mission is as follows, “We build smart, strategic software designed to help the world’s leading brands optimize their operations and elevate performance as they design, create, manufacture, and sell their products.” With a space that was once drab and non-conducive to creativity, our goal was to create an office that aligned with Boss Logics’ ideals and creative process. We’d like to think, the final design has elevated the team’s performance as they design, create, manufacture, and sell paramount solutions to their clientele.

Entering the space each day is a refreshing experience with a full height green wall and neon sign that reads “Hello World,” a statement nostalgic to all programmers and software innovators. The iconic Eero Aarnio Ball Chair upholstered with the client’s brand color brings the fun for everyone who sits. To be engulfed by the softness that surrounds while enjoying a cup of tea sitting atop of the “Finger” side table made by Live Juniper, guests don’t want to leave!

Having an open concept office, it was important to create designated zones for each task while still maintaining an open and airy feel. We came up with a functional layout delineated by use of specific furniture and décor. While the furniture pieces serve their designated areas, aesthetically they all speak a similar language; Natural woods, greenery, and pops of color.

We designed the office with unique touches everywhere celebrating the creative energy of the company but also providing the team members with personal touches throughout. From the 3D gallery wall featuring an eclectic collection of graphic art to the mascot dinosaur appearances throughout, Boss Logics headquarters is now nothing short of custom, fun, unique, and functional.


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