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Bronx - Kitchen Design

With family and gathering being important to our clients, the original kitchen was in total conflict. The layout was horrible, and the placement of cabinetry and appliances was disorganized. Overall the space lacked flow and alignment. The previous homeowners built walls in front of walls and stuck cabinets wherever with no clear coordination; this appears to be the issue of so many kitchens “poorly renovated” in 100 year old homes. As a disgrace to the original charm, it was time to return this kitchen back to its historic elegance with a contemporary flare.

After demolishing the kitchen in its entirety, we gained more square footage and ceiling height which opened up the space larger than the clients ever imagined. With bare bones, we rebuilt the walls and ceiling to accommodate our functional custom layout.

The custom rich olive cabinetry inspired by our client’s love for green, was made with their needs in mind. From the beautiful detailing on the door fronts, to the countless accessories inside, these cabinets are simply life changing.

With the added space and a love for wine, we crafted a dry bar to accommodate wine bottles and fine glassware, also making this kitchen perfect for entertaining a mature crowd.

Crisp white quartz countertops with spider veining, and the handmade ceramic backsplash offer the perfect bright contrast to the deep green cabinets. The oversized herringbone grey flooring introduces yet another bright space-opening design element.

Finally, to officially tie the knot with a bow, we added Chef-Grade Café Appliances, English Gold hardware imported from London, Blush Dome pendant lights and warm wood accents throughout to celebrate the rich classic Victorian history of the home.


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