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Flatiron - Office Space Design

This amazing office space was designed in collaboration with Jared Epps of JSE Design LLC located in Brooklyn, NY. Initially a blank slate, this single floor office suite provided the perfect opportunity to give our client a beautiful and comfortable workspace for their employees and guests. From the velvet and brass accents throughout to the panoramic views of 5th avenue, this space is nothing short of a luxurious retreat.

Upon entry you are greeted by two blue velvet swivel chairs with a webbed contour and brass base that sit pretty opposite the contemporary plush sofa with throw pillows that pull directly from the client’s unique abstract wall art above. The geometric flat woven rug adds an edgy twist to the space relating directly to the rug in the reception area.

The central corridor anchors the entire suite, being the perfect place for a colorful and vibrant gallery wall poetically featuring framed abstract art. In the center of the gallery, a black and white photograph of the Flatiron Building on 23rd serves as reminder that an artful and meticulously curated office interior is possible even with the hustle and bustle of NYC as we know it.


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