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westbury - living room + master suite design

Needing more space to accommodate a growing family, an extension to the existing Westbury, NY home proved to be the best solution. With a blank slate, the clients wanted a clean, fresh and tranquil master suite and a living room with warm and ethnocentric vibes.

In the living room, we use the clients’ Antique Bronze framed mirror to set the mood throughout the space. The cafe con creme tones on the walls and bronze drapery envelop the neutral colored furniture and decor. Natural wood tones warm the space and copper toned throw pillows provide a pop of bold color.

Upon entry into the master suite, the aura changes completely. Soft blue walls, cream textiles, white velvet window treatments and a brass sunburst give the feeling of floating in air. We believe the bedroom should be an oasis and this room doesn’t disappoint. Details were important in this space. We feature geometric resin and gold toned lamps, a wall sconce with an ambient scented candle, a fluffy ivory throw atop a lounge chaise with feminine contours the client had to have, and monogrammed pillows to remind our clients that this space was curated just for them.


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