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Forest Hills, NY - Home Design

How can a home be fun, funky and bold, but somehow quiet, peaceful and elegant all at the same time? Our latest Forest Hills home design embodies all the traits aforementioned. This project was designed with love for our clients who were ready to turn their home from a space that felt unfamiliar to a sanctuary tailor-made for their needs and personalities.

Wanting to completely revamp every square inch, we essentially began with a clean slate. We preserved the bones of the home as a way of honoring the original character, but used tons of creative and cost saving ideas to update the space.

Entering the home, you are greeted by a warm and welcoming living space that is functionally minimal for a clutter free look and feel, but provides warmth and texture with bright splashes of color inspired by some of the clients’ art pieces.  We utilize a color palette throughout of greens and blues with complimentary terracotta warm tones. Additionally, the home’s original archway leading from the living to dining space becomes a celebrated design motif throughout; as seen on the imported fireplace tile and arch patterning on both the dining and living rugs.

The dining room optimizes storage needs in the most attractive way possible, with custom built-in cabinetry along the east wall. In addition to offering unlimited storage opportunity, the built-in also integrates seating for dining with a unique wallpapered backdrop bringing in more color and scenes from nature.

Transitioning from the dining space to the kitchen, you are graced by another arched threshold. This second archway highlighted in a blue-green to match the first, pairs perfectly with the terracotta colored, vertically stacked, arch backsplash tile. The neutral colored cabinetry allow the backsplash and gold textured accents throughout to steal the show.

Lastly, to tie it all together and provide the ultimate warmth in the kitchen space, we added wood cabinetry in the coffee bar area, making each sip better than the last.

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