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Irvington, NY - Home Design

The amount of peace and tranquility that exudes from our Irvington, NY home redesign is simply remarkable. Our clients wanted an upscale home that provided comfort, warmth, luxury, and elegance; our favorite go-to’s. Completed mid pandemic, watching our design unfold slowly but surely for this deserving family provided the feel-good vibes we all needed during such a challenging time.

All throughout the home we accentuate the oversized window views of nature’s greens by complementing with neutral, light colored furniture, window treatments and décor. The greenery pairs with the soft neutrality of each piece perfectly at every instance. Using warm creams, greys and ivories lend to a monochromatic feel with yet so much vibrancy through the layering of subtle color and texture.

Despite the light, airy, monochromatic feel, we saw many opportunities to exhibit the clients’ character. We used pops of color in the distressed boho office rug, beautiful American Walnut Stained Oak flooring throughout, Copper and Glass kitchen pendant lights and the show stopping Pandora Delft Rose Powder Room wall covering, beautifully made by Shumacher.

All in all, this home feels like a dream, but for our clients, we made it a reality. Welcome home!

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