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Staten Island - Home Design

Cute, Quaint and Cozy are the best ways to describe this one bedroom Staten Island Bungalow. Given a clean slate, our client, a brand new home owner wanted to create a haven that reflected her style and personality while also featuring some of her greatest finds from past travels.

We selected soft blue tones for the wall colors to create a beachy feel with Staten Island waterfronts nearby. The furniture pieces were selected with a contemporary farmhouse aesthetic also with some traditional themes meshed in here and there. Displayed throughout, are cultural nic-nacs, artifacts and tapestries from overseas travels. Eclectic and unique may be the best ways to describe the space especially with the exposed coat closet with brick wallcovering and a ceiling mounted chain hung garnet bar. Wow!

The bedroom area, takes on a slightly different aesthetic, still incorporating traditional but providing a bright, young and upbeat feel with golden walls and pops of blue throughout. The simplicity of this room celebrates the idea that “less is more” while still providing functionality with hide away storage opportunities and two large closets concealed with fine velvet drapery.


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